Carolyn (fangirl07) wrote in pockyaddicts,

Its back!

Ok! Bidding is now starting at 99 cents with no reserve!

This is a pocky plushie made by me!

Its 9" by 5" and is currently on Ebay starting at a low price!

Click here to check it out~!

It was a very sturdy job, with each letter and decoration carefully sewn on. Not a cheap job at all. It took me around 5-6

hours to make this lil guy. A lot of love and care was put into him. => Oh btw, even though in the photo the chocolate looks

black, its actually very brown. *Although there are two plushies in the photo, I am currently only selling ONE.

Interested? Please give my pocky plushie a good home!



PS: If this type of post is not permitted, let me know and Ill quickly remove it.

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